Meet My Pokémon Team – A 2021 Reading Challenge

And so I’m just going to keep filling my posts with books and challenges instead of reading because isn’t that what a book addict does? Just collects books

I didn’t end up reading any of the books I wanted to read last month because I didn’t really read anything last month. Or I read but I didn’t finish anything, which means that this month I have the potential to complete at least half a dozen books! And then I thought, hey, I should make them count for something! And I remembered the Pokémon reading challenge that I found on The Reading Frenzy on Goodreads last year, and that seemed like a good place to invest my books into

I double checked to see if the rules were still the same and yup, they are!

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reading: When the Last Dragon Died: The Guardian by Erin Lee (+ Author Interview)

Hey guys and welcome back to this little corner of the internet! I’ve noticed that I haven’t really dropped many reviews recently and I thought I’d remedy this with one of my latest reads – The Guardian by Erin Lee. It also works out that it’s a 2021 release so now my reading goals are at one book more! What’s more, I was recently encouraged by an IRL friend to just go for the things I want and with that in mind I shyly slid into Erin’s DMs and asked to interview her about her book (and, if the title wasn’t spoiler enough, she said yes~)

So hang on tight for some really fun questions and answers

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Did you hear about ARMYdathon?

It feels like it’s been ages since I last took part in a readathon and even longer since I completed any goals I considered successful. And you’d think the opposite would be true with how I have a decent amount of time to read at work. Well, let me tell you about this reading slump I’ve been cozying up to since February…it sucks

So when I saw this magical tweet appear on my TL, I knew I had to try. I mean, gotta show that ARMY pride, right?!

And so then I just kept going through the readathon Twitter and wow, just like all of the other ARMY projects, ARMY really went all out on this! The readathon has all sorts of cool graphics for participants to use, badges, a giveaway, and more!!

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I started reading slower!

I recently logged into my Goodreads and found I was TEN books behind schedule. Scary! Not that it’s the first time I’ve been behind on my reading goals, but when I saw that my first thought was I better hurry and get to reading! My second thought was hey, maybe I should write a post about this

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Book Haul #1: 5 Recent Shelf Additions

I can’t really boast much in regards to my shelves. Half the books I own, or perhaps a larger portion, are books I’ve had with me for years and fall in the YA or younger sphere, and not even recent YA but some of the older stuff. And some of my newer purchases are VERY new, like, this year new, like a few weeks ago new

Of course, these books have just been sitting on my desk or a random pile on the floor that just keeps growing and growing. Next thing I know I’m going to get spooked, wondering why there is a towering figure hovering over my bed and when I go to defend myself, I will get buried under a ton of hardcover books. One day, when I get my act together, they will be placed on a shelf. In the meantime, I figured, why not take some pictures since they’re already laying around? And so this post came to be

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Which book format is your favorite?

I’ve got a dilemma.

I recently unbanned myself from buying books and now I’m slightly out of control. To be fair, I think this isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Since the pandemic is still around, I can’t really travel or go to big events – or rather, I could, but I’m not because I really want this thing to go away and some sacrifices must still be made! – and my go-to alternative has been buying books. I mean, I need to spend my money on something, right?! Don’t judge me!

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5 Books I Added to My TBR in March (2021)

It’s been a while since I last posted any updates on my TBR, part of it is because I just don’t add too many books to my TBR anymore, part of it is because I just haven’t been up to date with any new books. What is even coming out?

But while browsing the nonfiction section, I found a couple I was interested in!

This really nice hardcover book came into the store this year and I’ve been rather enamoured by the subtitle since. I’ve tried to get people to pick it up and some have expressed curiosity but nobody has actually bought it. On the one hand that’s great for me because then I can read it but also, I just want someone to take it. Why? I just like the cover!

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